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Challenge your mind

Cubism is a deceptively simple puzzle game in VR where you assemble increasingly complex shapes out of colored blocks.

"Cubism has a beauty and simplicity to it"
- Adam Savage, TESTED
"a masterpiece of VR design"
- Tomislav Bezmalinovic, Mixed.de
"A VR puzzle game with all the right pieces"
★★★★ - UploadVR
"Cubism [...] turns out to be an indie puzzle gem"
★★★★ - VRFocus
"an excellent title for more casual gamers"
★★★★ - 6DOF Reviews

Soundtrack available now!

Relax to a selection of classical piano pieces - recorded for Cubism by pianist Sahlia Wong.

Want to play the game's main theme yourself?
Download the sheet music here!

Get hands-on on Meta Quest

"An Excellent Showcase For Hand Tracking On Quest"
- UploadVR

"The best implementation of Quest hand tracking so far"
- Mixed.de

Solve puzzles in AR on Meta Quest

"Cubism in Augmented Reality might be the best way to play"
- UploadVR

"Cubism shows what the future of AR holds like no other game"
- Mixed.de
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What platforms is Cubism available on?

Cubism is available on Quest, Rift, Pico Neo and SteamVR.

Can the game be modded?

Yes, Cubism supports sideloading custom puzzles and color themes, and as of v1.6.0 there's a built-in local puzzle editor so you can make your own puzzles. You can learn more about all of this here.

Are hand tracking and mixed reality supported?

Yes, but only on the stand alone Meta Quest version of the game. There are no current plans to support these features on PCVR, which means Quest with link cable will also not work for these features.

How long is the game?

The game has 90 puzzles across two volumes, good for hours of puzzeling!

I am a teacher - can I use Cubism in my classroom?

Yes! Furthermore, if you e-mail us proof that you're a teacher and that your school has a VR program, we're happy to sponsor a free key for the game.

The game won't start. What can I do?

Update your Quest to the latest firmware (in the settings menu) and restart the headset, this should fix the issue. If not, please reach out to us at thomas@cubism-vr.com for further support!

Have other questions or feedback?

Shoot me an email at thomas@cubism-vr.com!