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Challenge your mind

Cubism is a deceptively simple puzzle game in VR where you assemble increasingly complex shapes out of colored blocks.


What platforms is Cubism be available on?

Cubism is available on Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift and SteamVR.

Will the Quest version support handtracking?

Handtracking won't be supported in the initial launch, but will be added in a later update.

Does Cubism support cross-buy on Oculus?

Yes! If you buy the game on Rift(S) you'll have access to it on Quest as well and vice-versa.

How long is the game?

The game has 60 puzzles with difficulties ranging from easy to expert, good for several hours of puzzeling.

Have other questions or feedback?

Shoot me an email at info@cubism-vr.com!

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